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  1. How to remove I phone I cloud lock?

  2. This is not free mate you have search for online solution

  3. Can you fix my iPhone I have a activation problem

  4. I need my iphone z to be fix I might have a water issue as you show in one of your videos.

  5. hi sir this is sagar raval from usa ... before few months ago i baught the iphone 11 pro it has the sameproblem that i seen in your youtube video : that was my iphone so i erase it but i cannot restore back ... please tell me any solution u have...

  6. can you please send me your any contact details so i can talk about my device. thank you

  7. I need stock Firmware for Lava Iris 505C H001/INT S104 …
    I searched for it everywhere in the google but didn't find it.
    Also I tried flashing using Your Provided Firmware for Lava Iris 505 and i hard bricked my phone
    Sir plz provide me The Original Stock Firmware For LAVA IRIS 505C INT S104 model Smartphone.
    It would be very grateful if u help me.
    Thank You .