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SPD Upgrade tool

Download all version of SPD Upgrade tool.

 SPD Upgrade tool allows you to flash any SpreadTrum based smartphone.PAC firmware on your android device and feature phone device.Here,on this page we have to share all version of SPD Upgrade tool including the best version which allow to support all PAC file.

Features of SPD Upgrade tool 

  • Flash PAC firmware: it allows user to flash PAC firmware on android smartphone and feature phone.Simply,add the firmware in the Upgrade tool and click start downloading begin flashing procedure.
  •   Flash PSC Firmware: it allows user to flash.PSC firmware on your android based device.As we all know that there are various few devices available in the gadget world which uses psc firmware. 
  • Other options: it allows user to add multiple languages and configure the LCD (these options will only work when you will set special NV and userimg file.It allows user to edit HW file also which have in various type from different region PAC firmware.
Here you can download


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