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Bypass Google Account Lock on any Samsung phone | FRP Lock 1000%

First you have to know what the Frp lock is ?

FRP lock is also known as Factory Reset Protection lock, is a new security feature for devices running Android operating system 5.1 and higher. This new feature is designed to prevent unauthorized factory reset or software modification of a device without a user’s permission. This feature uses the registered Google account on the device as the verification measure to check if the software modification being done is authorized or not. That your device shows the “Custom Binary block by FRP lock” error means that there is a Google account logged in.

FRP feature is only enabled if a Google account is present on the device. It also means that the phone you are working on have screen lock feature enabled. Your device should have prompted you to enter the correct lock screen as well as your Google account credentials to perform a factory reset or software modification in the first place.Because it’s a new security feature, there is no known hack to bypass it at this time. If re-flashing via Odin does not work for you, we don’t know any other means to resolve the issue you have except to tell you to ask Samsung for help. We know that you have already attempted to do that but try to call them again and simply tell them that you lost access to your Google account. Perhaps they can be persuaded to assist you if you can present proof that you are the rightful owner of the device.But now it is possible and detailed instruction how to remove this lock.

You have to install Sidesync application on PC.From here :- sidesync

  •  Install all driver of the phone ADB (android debugging) driver,modem driver.
  •  Connect the phone on PC or laptop.
  • Internet connection is required on mobile to do this operation.So connect to WIFI.
  • Side sync automatically detect the phone and the browser option appear on mobile.
  • Tap on chrome.
  • Insert this address to download this app FRP reset file (
  • Click ob back.
  • one pup up windows appears click on OK .
  • Automatically goes on app store.
  • click on search for download Es file manager explore app from app store.
  • You have to login Samsung account if you don`t have Samsung account create by using this link here
  •  Es file manager download open it and setup it
  • Go to download folder and setup this app (Frp reset file).
  • Setup app and open it.
  • Search the address google account manager.
  •  Open it you can find two google account manager type email and password option.
  • Open it first.
  • Click on try.
  • Type email and password (Samsung account)
  • Click on option and sign in browser.
  • Then restart the mobile.

    • Keep in mind all personal data on the phone will be delete permanently.
    • This is complete solution for Frp lock. 
    • This process support all the Samsung J-series,E-series Samsung which was detect by Side sync.

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  1. oh nice its working ..keep it up

  2. Wow its nice working keep it up

  3. this method works only with usb debugging on how to remover frp in nogout without debugging on

  4. It is really nice my brothers... It surely works but I have got a big problem with reactivation lock of samsung G920A.
    I have tried to flash it a firmware of version 7, now I am unable to be directed to chrome or an operator.
    I have tried to use a Bluetooth but still unable to find a solution.
    Is there anybody who can help me?