How to upgrade your storage on iPhone.

 How to upgrade your storage on iPhone.

This web post is about how you can upgrade your iPhone storage. If you have an iPhone like 16/32 GB of the memory of your collection as photos, videos, the app takes more storage than storage full. So you have to search and delete some files to free up storage. Now we are going to show you how you can upgrade the storage of the iPhone.

Let`s do that on iPhone 7 Plus with 32 Gb and we are going to upgrade iPhone storage to 128 GB.

Power off iPhone and remove all flex carefully.

That is the storage chip the size of your iPhone storage depends on that chip capacity called Nand or internal storage.

Remove that chip carefully small parts around the chip and force on removing may cause the broken pin.

Remove epoxy rosin 

Remove the extra solder with solder wick all pins must be flat and shine.

Clean the pads.

I am here using the New 128 Gb Nand.

Nand contains important data like serial number, wifi address, Bluetooth address, and locked wifi too.

Put Nand in the correct position and fix it. Wait for cool down for  5 minutes.

Now fix PCB on middle frame iTunes detect as dfu mode. So you have to restore once full.

After the restore process is complete now time to restore the important data.

I am here using a repair device that allows to you restore your internal data without removing and or HDD.

Connect the Cable put the iPhone on dfu mode click on dfu mode that puts the iPhone into the name as purple mode but shows green.

All the internal data and can be seen and editable from here.

Now I restore the serial wifi address and Bluetooth address and unbind wifi too.

Now let's go for the final activation.

Here you can see the previous iPhone 32GB with storage upgrade to 128GB. You can upgrade storage to more like 256,512GB if you have such storage Nand.

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