iPhone vs iPhone Explain?Different between USA vs UAE vs Chinese vs Japanese versions.

iPhone vs iPhone Explain?Different between USA vs UAE vs Chinese vs Japanese versions.

Apple has especially divide iPhone into four major variants before going to start with detail. Let's discuss similarities. They are all built with the same quality like the same size Camera, batteries, RAM and the durability and performance all are the same and all cover international warranties. With the help of this guide, you can choose and buy by seeing variants and what is the regional differences in the system.

Find country region by seeing the model number on your iPhone.

How to find the country or region by seeing the Model number that can be found on Setting /General/About/Model number

A2102 tap once then you got this NT6W2J/A.

The two letters before the slash (/) that significant to find out the origin or country of your iPhone.The last two letters before the slash are ‘2J’ (see image below) then your iPhone’s country of origin is Japan and the last letter or after the slash is ‘A’ is that Canada is the maker of your iPhone.You can find your own region by seeing that chart.

How to check your iPhone is brand new, refurbished, personalize, or replacement device.

The model number starts with M, was purchased new from Apple.

The model number starts with F, was refurbished by Apple or a carrier.

The model number starts with P, was sold as a personalized iPhone with an engraving.

The model number starts with N, Apple provided it as a replacement device for a malfunctioning iPhone.

Let’s go further.

The difference on variant is quite small to see but no dough that affects your buying decision after seeing those videos.

Most of the differences can found on the network band. If you buy an iPhone 12 Pro max in Japan or another region that not support  N260 and N261 band in use but if you have us variant that supports all band added n260 and n261.

So let talk about the difference between the four major variants of the iPhone.The variant is 

Japanese variant

China variant

UAE variant

Us variant

                                                    First, we go for the Japanese variant iPhone.

If you buy an iPhone with a Japanese variant you can’t disable the camera Sutter because the Japanese variant features are by default that you can’t change. The shutter sound which you can’t switch off while take pictures even in silent mode. The main region is that in Japan you can’t take anyone's picture without permission. If you are ok with the Sutter sound then you can buy the Japanese version of the iPhone.

Let’s talk about another variant of Hongkong, the Chinese or macaw version.

The main difference of that variant is you can use a dual physical nano-SIM card.

With other variants, you can only use one physical sim and the other is e-sim but in the Chinese variant, you can use two physical sims.

Like the Japanese variant The shutter sound which you can’t switch off while take pictures even in silent mode.

So many users report issues that dual sim not working properly or issues on network or GPS too.

On this variant, you will not able to use audio FaceTime call that can’t be made or receive. However, FaceTime video calls can be used on this variant.

 The battery level at 10% or 20% makes a robotic sound that can’t be disabled.

Chinese variant iPhone display WLAN instead of wifi.

So if voice FaceTime calls are not very important and ok with shutter sound on camera that you can go to that variant.

                                                           UAE variant 

If you buy a Uae variant then you don’t get FaceTime to enable on these iPhones.So, face time is the restriction on that variant. If you install the beta version then this function is enabled. So if you are ok without using FaceTime voice call and FaceTime audio call then you can go throw that variant.

                                                          USA variant.

I recommend you to buy this version because this variant is so popular too. This variant supports all 4g,5g, facetime enable, you can mute camera sound and no any restriction and also support all features.

The video instruction on detail. Don`t forget to comment below if you have any different found on the iphone vs iphone variant.

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