How to fix “Charging Not Available”!Liquid detected fix on iPhone.

 How to fix “Charging Not Available”!Liquid detected fix on iPhone.

This webpost is about how to fix charging not available or liquid detection fix on iPhone.While you insert the charger then the message pop-ups on the screen that.

Charging is not available

Liquid has been detected in the lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone.

If the iPhone detects some moister/water or any liquid in the lightning port or on the lightning cable then it starts sends alerts. The main cause is that if the liquid in your charging port or cable is wet then

Such a problem appears. This issues shows on iPhone X to later models.

So I restart the iPhone once lets` have a look at what happened.

The problem was still the same 

I disconnect the cable too many times but the problem was still the same. While disconnect the cable message is gone. Even only the lightning connector connects without a charger also shows these issues.

I also face the same issues on my iPhone too. How I fix it in just 3 minutes. If you also faced such issues try this.

In that cases, the direct heating source can’t help you anymore like hair drier like but that may help to dry moister but the process that applies is the best for that process.

Take a small quantity of cotton and put it inside the lightning port then forcibly insert the lightning cable and hold it for some time and left for 4-5 minutes The cotton absorbs the moister. Remove the cotton without any force and don’t use any metal object to remove the cotton. Finally all clean and let’s try the problem was fixed or not.

Now the. Charging shows means the problem was fixed.

After doing all this the problem was solved.

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