How to Clear “System Data” on iPhone!How to Clear Other Storage on iPhone 2021.

 How to Clear “System Data” on iPhone!How to Clear Other Storage on iPhone 2021.

The "other" storage or after the update of iOS 15 the "system data" on your iPhone take a lot of storage. We all know that doesn’t have an option to expand the storage on iPhone.If your iPhone is running without storage then at that time you search for free up storage then you see and other or system data taking a lot of storage.

The mysterious other or system data folder contains which type of file and how to clear it.

How to view your other storage?

To view how much storage space take by application and other data on your iPhone.

Go to setting


iPhone storage

Wait  for some time this may take for calculation and shows the result. The bar with colors shows the overall storage of your iPhone with separate categories which includes others too.

Scroll down and see the list of the application which take how much storage on it.

At last, you can see the system and others. After the update of iOS 15, you can see iOS and system data.

My iPhone takes a lot of system data or other storage.

What is other storage?

The other or system data category on your iPhone or iPad which contains caches, some messages, Siri voices, voice memos, and miscellaneous data was a store in the same place because that is small to have a separate category. So, the system groups them all into Other storage or System Data. The file inside other storage is actually a cache that uses for system performance to make a smooth way to connect the file with the system. It storage some unwanted files too. Caches help to give the path to the application in a direct way.

We go to other and see what Apple tells about the other storage.

You can see 

system data includes caches, logs, other resources currently in use by the system. This value will fluctuate acc to system needs.

The other storage does not include photos, videos, media, Apps.

How to clear other storage or system data.

There is no direct way to identify and delete the file of other storage or system data. We can’t be able to clear the other mysterious storage completely because the other category contains useful data that improves your system performance and iOS experience.

1- Clear your safari caches.

If you browse safari or chrome that your iPhone stores caches and other data that you don’t need but that only takes your storage. So you have to clear them to make space on your iPhone.

Go to setting

Find safari and open it.

Scroll down and tap clear history and website data.

If you use chrome opera Firefox all browser stores caches that you have to clear them first.

2- Delete iMessage and mail data.

If you text a message more then your other storage fills with a lot of data.

Go to setting


Message history 

Tap on keep the message

You can change the iMessage setting to save. Keep message save forever by default but you can change the setting to 1 year or 30 days.

3- Delete and reinstall the app

The app storage data are not classified as other but the cache file that uses by the app takes some space on other storage or system remove and install app help to free up storage from others or system data.

Select the app which you want to remove. Tap and hold 

Tap on remove the app.

After you can download and install that app later by which you can free up some storage.

4- offloading app

The app data store by application is similar like others you have to do once that process.

Go to setting/general/iPhone storage

Choose any app and tap on it.

Tap on offload app.

You can see the detail about offload app.

This will free up storage

5- Remove Siri voices.

If you download more voices for your Siri then the other storage will increase means you have to remove unnecessary siri voices.

Go to setting

Go to Siri and search

Siri and detection history tap on it and delete Siri and detection history tap on it.

6- Back up and reset your iPhone.

This the best way to completely wipe your device and start as fresh. Before doing that process back up all your important data on pc and the battery must be 50% overcharged.

Go to setting 



Erase all content and settings

Tap on securely erase.

If promoting passcode insert it or iCloud password also have to put if find my iPhone is enabled.

7- Air update

If you update your lower storage iPhone like 16 32 or 64 GB via air cause low storage issues, update interrupted or file remaining after the update. The process of updating required downloaded packages to unpacking them. so the process needs additional storage to perform. So I recommend you all update via iTunes.

8- Update and restore.

Before doing that process back up all your important data on pc and the battery must be 50% overcharged.

This process is like the previous method reset your iPhone but you are on the same iOS that previously running on iPhone.

If you update and restore your iPhone by this method that erases all data of your iPhone and upgrade to the latest version too.

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