Fix “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” on iPhone/iPad on 2021.

 Fix “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” on iPhone/iPad on 2021.

Your iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes message popup on the screen and enter passcode option also disabled.If you enter the wrong passcode too many times on your iPhone/iPad or iPod touch then You got a message that your device is disabled. 

You forget your passcode then you have erased your iPhone that deletes all your data, settings, and passcode too.If you have a previous backup then you can restore your data. If you don’t have backup then you lose all data on your iPhone.

If you need to save data from iPhone is disabled connect to iPhone to enter passcode mode see the video on description or follow the I icon.

You can’t restore your iPhone direct on disabled mode. So you have to go to special mode to restore your iPhone.

There is two way to fix iPhone is disabled without data lost.

One is recovery mode.

How you can enter into recovery mode.

Connect lightning cable to iPhone.

Press volume up

Press volume down

Then keep holding the power switch till the recovery option shows on the screen.

Here you can see two options.

Update or restore iPhone.

If you update your iPhone via This mode is to update the iOS version only or to repair the corrupt iOS version. All photos, installed apps, and user data in the iDevice will be preserved and passcode also still remaining.

If you restore iPhone by this then it deletes all user data, repair iOS version and also restore to factory state. So this is recommended in that cases.

The second option is Dfu Mode.

How you can enter into DFU mode.

Connect lightning cable.

Press v up then v down then keep holding the power switch till restart.

Keep holding power switch press v down and hold for 4 sec then release power switch keep holding v down till iTunes detect as Recovery mode. In this mode iPhone screen is blank.

 The only one option shows restore iPhone.

This two-mode is the mode on which you can restore your iPhone.

Let`s go for firmware.

How many chance you got before iPhone is disabled connect to iphone finally.

If you have already download the firmware and back up on your pc then you can use that firmware to restore by giving the file destination. Press the option key on Mac or shift key on windows and give the file location.

You can download the firmware directly via iTunes.iTunes automatically download the compatible and latest firmware to your device. This may take time to download that depends on your internet speed then after the complete restore process starts automatically.

You can download the firmware from the site and save it on your pc that can be used later. This site allows you to download any required firmware and also shows that the firmware is signed or not too. Follow the instruction to download.

Let’s go to restore.

I am here putting iPhone on recovery mode. I already download the firmware. So press the option and give the firmware location and click on restore.

Now the restore process is started. First, iTunes unzipping the firmware then restart. Now the restore process is started and wait for the process to complete. This may take time to be patient.

Now the restore job is complete then the second step progress bar with  logo appears and wait for the process to complete.

You can see the video instructions for more details.

If your find my iPhone is enabled then iPhone asks you to put  id and passcode to activate finally. Otherwise, the iDevice may not be activated after flashing.

Follow the screen instruction to complete the process.

Finally job done.

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