Latest ICCID Code and White Unlock Sim for Sim not support or Sim not valid 2021.

Latest ICCID Code and White Unlock Sim for Sim not support or Sim not valid 2021.

How to find that your iPhone is locked with a specific carrier. If that lock exists then you have only can use some specific provider's network. If you go with another network then your iPhone not detected your sim as a fully unlocked phone and fail to get network and on activation screen message with a hello screen. After you follow all the steps then finally. You saw a message Sim not supported or sim not valid.

What can you do if the sim not supported or the sim not valid?

There are so many possibilities that you can tackle with that.

Factory unlock.

This method is the best method to unlock. That is not so easy too and you have to pay for unlocking. Not all are payable. If your iPhone was in contract with some carrier or your insurance bill still remains then sometimes hard to do that process. You have to do that process with those carriers locks website and go for unlocking instruction if you are eligible then you got an unlock free. If all the process is ok and you are eligible you can unlock your iPhone.Such unlock can do only the carrier which throws but expensive too for that you have to pay or contact the service provider for unlocking.

To unlock you have to follow the procedure.

Find my iPhone must be off.

Insert non-supported SIM card.

Connect wifi and follow the activating process then you got a sim-free iPhone on hand.

Gevey chip method.

This is such a type of network unlocking process on which you have to insert some special chip below the sim and put it with a SIM card. This process looks cheap one process. Remember you can only use one sim on which setup is preform. If you try to use other sims then you have to make some setup process. You can see from the video description below.

You can follow the video instruction below.If you face any trouble on the process.

Unlock procedure.

Make sure to update to the latest IOS 14 TO LATER.

Insert your sim card with unlock chip.

Make sure you have connected to wifi and the latest version installed.

Wait for the popup menu then press the iccid input option.

Press ICCID PERFECT ULOCK.The latest iccid found below.

What is the problem with that process?

Chip might be damaged if you take out and insert more time.

You have locked free with some carrier but you yourself locked to some carrier means you can't use other sims like other unlocked iPhone

Such processes have issues found on the network. Low network, sometimes incoming call not preform or you can't do call too.

You cannot restore or update your iPhone. If you perform that action then you restore your lock.

That is not a permanent solution for unlocking.

Let`s introduce with iccid 

Apple updates an iOS system on which different features added the old method. The old method of carrier-locked with code not supported yet. You need such Gevey chip on which you insert then the menu pops up with insert iccid code (integrated circuit card identification number). 

That is change with time and Apple blocked so many times. So, you can find the latest iccid always on my website by following the post. This code is the unique code that bypasses the network lock activation string in a new way.Latest ICCID CODE we share we found on database.So subscribe us for New ICCID Always.The Latest ICCID code found on

Date - 2021/08/04 supported ICCID .Follow us on Blogger for More and Subscribe to support our Youtube channel.


White sim unlock

This is the best method for unlocking your locked iPhone because with one sim you can unlock so many iPhones. Remember your iPhone is semi-factory unlocked. There is no restriction of use sim. You can use any sim after unlocking by this process. This process is similar to Gevey process but no need to put any chip below the SIM card.

Similar to that cases that this process with ICCID to that you can find on below post that you have to follow.

What is the problem with that method?

You can't restore or update your iPhone.

This is a semi-unlocked process, not a factory unlocked one.

Unlock procedure.

Make sure to update to the latest IOS 14 TO LATER.

Insert your white sim card.

Make sure you have connected to wifi and the latest version installed.

The iPhone asks for the activation process follows the activating process. If the activation process is complete remove the white sim and insert your desired sim now sim free iPhone is in your hand.

If you have any trouble doing the process then you can see the videos instruction below. This one is really helpful for you.

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