iPhone battery health & Charging Cycle count of battery 2021.Check iPhone Battery capacity

iPhone battery health & Charging Cycle count of battery 2021. Maintain iPhone battery capacity.

Your behavior on the use of battery and charging affect the battery health of your iPhone that means battery health are hardly affected by your uses habits.As a cellphone repair technician I would like to share some pro tips to preserve the battery health.we don ' t claim you always makes your battery health 100% .We are here to share some useful tips that helps you maintain a higher percentage of battery capacity and battery health.You can't restore or recalibrate your battery health with these tips for that your iPhone will need battery replacement.


Extend your battery life updated 2021.

Find more battery consume source.

First you have to check is what is actually the greatest battery consume source and how much power that each app is using.

Go to setting 

Go to battery

Below you can see the graph and the list of applications which consumes battery must.

Battery Usage Data

Use wifi to download data; it uses less power than a cellular network.

Turn off your wifi when you're not using it. Searching for wifi connections eat battery fast. 


Turn Down Your Brightness

Settings → Display & Brightness

This is one of the simplest, way to save battery life because the more brightness, the more the battery drain you'll experience in your daily uses. Keep your brightness level down by turning on auto-brightness.

Decrease Auto-Lock Time

Settings → Display & Brightness

 Decrease your Auto-Lock time as low as possible. This setting controls how quickly your display is shut off and your phone is locked while not use, no display on while your phone is idle.

I am here select 30 sec instead of1,2,3 or never.


Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Settings → Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

This is another way to save battery life, Turn off your wifi when you're not using it. Searching for wifi connections eat battery fast. 

 iPhones use amount of power searching for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.Use wifi to download data; it uses less power than a cellular network.  

Use wifi and less of using cellular data.

Use wifi to download it uses less power than a cellular network.While cellular data to preform there is so many system to be activated on iPhone that process makes heating that eat battery very fast that you also experience on daily uses.

Turn Off Location Services

Settings → Privacy → Location Services

Location services uses GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to point to your location, that process eat battery more in the process. Turn off Location Services.

Reduce Flashlight Brightness

Control Center (Swipe Down From Top Right)

Using your iPhone flash as a flashlight is a best way sometime but it can also drain your battery.Then, long-press the flashlight icon and make the adjustment as low as possible. 

Low Power Mode

Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode

Your phone gets down to 20%, it'll tell you and give you the option to turn on low power mode

Low Power Mode shuts down a non-essential power-draining features, including automatic downloads like Mail) won't automatically refresh download content and background app but you can still use your phone for texting, phone calls, etc. Once you charge your phone low power mode will turn off automatically.  

Dark mode

Settings → Display & Brightness → Dark Mode

Staring at a white screen doesn't just cause eye strain - it also uses more battery. So, if you turn on 'Dark Mode', elements of your phone's color scheme will be inverted, which helps save phone battery. In this mode, you'll see white text on a black background - that's good for your battery and eyes too.

Shudown airdrops

While not in use you have to make receiving off.While airdrop is on bluetooth and wifi is searching for receiving so that consume battery more so better off airdrops not in use.

If network bar is low or weak turn on Airplane mode.

While the network is weak that time battery consume more then usual so I recommend you that better turn on airplane mode while signals is low if you want to save battery life.

This is the pro tips by this You can save even more power by simply maintaining that habit.See the video instruction for more info.

Check battery capacity on iPhone with this tips that process helps you to find battery capacity, battery health and battery charging cycle count.The tips that you apply on dally makes your battery prolong and improve battery health.

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