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Sunday, May 2, 2021

How to find lost AirPods and lost charging case.

How to find lost AirPods and lost charging cases.

While we are on a daily lifestyle sometimes AirPods missing while listening at night and trouble to find out in the morning. I am pretty sure that if you are watching these videos you lost or dropped AirPods elsewhere and trouble to find out or you have to make update your self with such tips that make you help in the future if you faced such issues. We here shared really an easy way to find your lost AirPods. Maybe you’re just searching around for the last place your left your AirPods case and want to make sure they’re nearby. But there’s even a way to find individual AirPod buds in case you accidentally drop one of them.

There is a two-way by which you can find lost AirPods.

Go throw iPhone

Go throw the iCloud account.

Let’s discuss throw iPhone first. 

This process helps only in that case that your AirPods is connected to iPhone and problem to find means dropped near the range of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

For this iPhone must be connected to the internet and AirPods is connected.

Open find my app.

Here you can see the list of devices attach and make sure that AirPods also there on the list. 

Tap on play sound. Your AirPods will begin chirping — follow the sounds of the chirps until you find them.

If the AirPods on charging case this method not working.


Don’t put AirPods on your ear while in the process this produces one sound that may irritate you or make problem with hearing.

If you lost all with the charging case at that time. Tap on the direction that you can find the last online direction and follow the GPS that helps you to find your AirPods with charging case.

Go throw the iCloud account.

First, don’t lose your AirPods.If dropped or anyone finds that they don’t give but you can follow the process like iPhone,iPad, and MacBook of the new generation have iCloud lock features but there is no any lock system on AirPods but that gives the location that you have to follow last connected status shows make you help to find out AirPods.

By following this you can easily find your lost AirPods case location or AirPods location.

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