Download Checkra1n For Windows!Jailbreak iOS 14.5.1 -Windows Tutorial.

 Download Checkra1n For Windows! Jailbreak iOS 14.5.1 -Windows Tutorial.

Checkra1n for windows to Jailbreak Latest IOS.Jailbreaking with the help of windows is slightly hard to look but that is as simple as you think. Today in that piece of article we are going to show you how you can jailbreak your iPhone with windows Checkra1n.

First, you have to download the required package file from below. The complete package for install Checkra1n for jailbreak iPhone on windows.All necessary files for the bootable pen drive to prepare for the jailbreaking tool on windows pc. After the download process is complete. Extract this zip with winter or 7zip. Which contains Checkra1n iOS file, Rufus files, Rufus application, and important text that clearly explains how to use Rufus to make Checkra1n windows bootable USB drive.The complete file that you need Checkra1n 0.12.4

Download Checkn1x 1.1.7 for Latest Jailbreak IOS 14.7.1.

Prepare for the pen drive 2 GB or more with good quality and must be erased or completely blank or formatted. The Rufus program also formats your Pendrive on the process.

Now open the Rufus tool inside the extracted list of packages folder. Don`t forget to run on admin mode.

Put the USB Pendrive or sd card with a card reader on pc.

Here you have to choose your drive on which you have to install the boot system. I am here using Pendrive so give the location. Select it under the device drop-down section and choose.

Now click on select and give the path of ISO images.

Now you have to choose a partition scheme.


MBR is the best option for the process.

This iso file supports both 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Leave all the settings to default. Don't make any changes.

After doing all click on start and wait for the process to complete. Now you have a bootable Pendrive with checkra1n process complete.

Let's see the process of how to use it.

After the partition is making or flash process is complete. Reboot your pc.

Different keys are used to enter like press F9 / F12 / F3 or F2 to go boot menu and go throw attached USB as a primary booting for checkra1n windows

You can use by two method




I am here using 2nd mode Bios mode.Simply choose hit enter now checkra1n application on your pc.

Remember that After skipping the BPR check on A11 devices like iPhone 8 to X then you can't set up passcode / Face ID.So turn off all this before jailbreaking on the open menu but no problem or no need to skip on iPhone 7Plus to lower the device.

After doing all set up go back to the main menu and tap on start. This process puts your iPhone into recovery mode. By following the software instruction put your iPhone into DFU Mode and wait for the operation to finish.

Now the jailbreak process complete by the pc or laptop. you can jailbreak to the latest iOS version till iPhone X.

Hope this will help you.if you are able to make bootable Pendrive and Jailbreak with the help of this Article. Don't forget to drop a comment below and write if you face any issues too. Feel free to ask if you got any problems. 

The video tutorial helps you more.If you have any problem on process check it out.

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The new video for the iOS 14.6 jailbreak by the help of windows that is as easy as you think.

Download the required file for iOS 14..6 jailbreak windows.Download Required File For IOS 14.7.1

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