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Friday, January 1, 2021

ICCID code for all country 2021 Updates.

ICCID code for all country 2021 Updates.

Different method to unlock.You have different carrier sim insert while the phone is locked to some specific carrier or in a control of other owner carrier.When you insert sim the iphone not detected your sim as like fully unlocked phone.

What the solution is for iphone sim not supported ?
Such unlock can do only the carrier which throw but expensive too for that you have to pay or contact the service provider for unlocking.

Now a days while you insert the some code iccid input menu pops up then you insert code and works but
apple blocks this now a days. So, first insure that you have latest chip with firmware build that pop up automatic iccid insert menu.

Make sure to update to latest IOS 14.3 TO LATER.

Insert your sim card with unlock chip.

Make sure you have connected to wifi and latest version installed.

wait for popup menu then press iccid input option.

Press ICCID PERFECT ULOCK.Latest iccid found from below.

Make sure you have latest ICCID that can be found in always.

ICCID 2021/18/18


Press send and accept.

Setting done.Now your iPhone will be in activation screen and just activate with WI-FI or iTunes.

Make sure that find my iPhone is off too.

Now iPhone is unlocked.

For Metro PCS  sim card on any iPhone getting message no service you need to call costumer care to activate phone imei on your account to get the service.

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  1. dai...iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 ma gvey sim work garxa ki nai...plz rply thanks