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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bypass iCloud 13.3 to 13.3.1 without Downgrade fix iTunes Sync on Mac.

Bypass iCloud 13.3 to 13.3.1 without Downgrade fix  iTunes Sync by Mac.

Bypass iCloud 13.3 to 13.3.1 without Downgrade fix Sync iTunes this tutorial is about to bypass iCloud on 13.3 to 13.3.1 with few steps on Mac command.There is no any tool you can bypass easily with fully functional but no any cellular support.If the battery is empty and iPhone power off once you need to jailbreak only.

This process is working on iPhone running IOS 13.3 or 13.3.1 on the limits iPhone 6S to iPhone X.You have to follow the all the process correctly.If you miss the process that may incomplete to your bypass process.So,see the instruction correctly.

We don`t encourage to do that job this may void the rules and some region that is illegal.This is  for educational purpose only.Do at your own risk.

You have to install Home Brew and install usbxmud for the process without this setup that command no working.If you update via air restore once if not you got some error on the process.

Process you have to follow

1 - Connect the iPhone and open Terminal then put first command.

2 - Shows waiting for connection

3 - open shell and new window and basic or other you desire here i am using Grass.

4 - Put the second command   bash <(curl -s http :// .This process take a       long time once to download the important file this may take 5-7 minutes on your internet speed.

5 - Jailbreak with any checkra1n tool no need new version.

6 - Without disconnect the phones put the third command bash <(curl -s http ://

Wait for the command finish the process and Enjoy the activation process.Now the fully bypass iPhone on your hand.

Download the command text for  the process.

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Follow all the steps correctly to complete the process.

1- Jailbreak via  checkra1n or use specific version 0.9.2.

2 - Open checkra1n and install Cydia.

3 - Add address

4 - Install tweak safeshutdown cracked.

5 - Follow the videos instruction to setup.

Now by following all that process downgrade iPhone on 13.2.3 on your hand.Enjoy guys.
Thank you for visiting and watching i am Thegsmsolution till the next time peace out.