iPhone U2 IC Compatibility Tested.

iPhone U2 IC Compatibility Tested report.

By the different in model iPhone have also different types of U2 chip ic`s.It seems like same but have a vast different in inner circuit also have different input output points.Here on the web page we are going to discussion and tested report about u2 ic and it`s function.Every iPhone repair technician have got a trouble in that finding the right ic`s.iPhone chip replacement.
We have to notice on that the code,number that printed on the ic`s.There is different of made on by it`s number.Below we are going to show you the various number of U2 IC`s.That can be use in another models without any problems.

What happen if we use another ic`s by mistake.

Sometime iPhone cannot power on.

If power on no charging or not store charge.
This may short the circuit because this ic have 6 volt from charging that makes other circuit to 6 volt that makes massive damage power ic`s.

U2 ic-The most common fault shows while U2 ic is damage or faulty.

1-Battery charging extremely slow.
2-Phone is in dead condition.
3-Battery drain as fast.
4-PC not recognize the phone on iTunes etc.
5-While check on Dc Power supply some amp takes and stuck on.
6-Battery slowly drain in standby condition.
7-Battery percentage slow down like 1% in 1 minute.


U2 IC 1608A1 ic Chip BGA 36 Pin


iPhone 5
iPad mini
iPad 4



U2 IC 1610A2 ic Chip BGA 36 Pin

iPhone 6 4.7"
iPhone 6 Plus 5.5"
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C

Ipad mini 2



iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s plus


This video contain the most latest U2 function and compatibility list.


iPhone 7
iPhone 7 plus.


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