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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Repair imei SHV-E210S all box failed solved.

We are going to give detailed info to repair imei of Korean rom based phone SHV-E210S.
We tried by different boxes but all are failed.
Writing efs and repair imei from device option all are in vain.

Here the log:-

Fw.Ver : BstKey V3.34
Serial : ******8-****
Active User: gsm_raj
PL2303 :  2016-10-06
Best Smart Tools, Load OK.
Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power

UART Cable Resistor: 523 K
Cables: MicroUART
Interface: Auto, Change UART when request

Read Info/Flashing/UserLock/Backup:
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto

Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Manufactory:    SAMSUNG
  Model:          SHV-E210S
  Hardware:       SHV-E210S
  Mode:           normal
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver
Reboot device to DOWNLOAD mode ...
Wait device ready ...
Connect to device ...
Repair EFS ...
Flash completed
Time used : 3.7 s

Here the image is:-


  • Connect the phone in normal mode.
  • Click on scan
  • Click on Wr.Default EFS.

Phone automatically goes on download mode and restart .
Now it`s solved.

Changing other phones imei is illegal.We suggest you not to copy other`s phone imei.

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