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Saturday, February 11, 2017


First you have to know what the ICloud lock is ?

This means that if your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen and you wipe it remotely with Find My iPhone, you'll need to enter your iCloud password to reactivate it.that is the best tool ever in the security of personal data.This feature should mean that stolen phones have little value to thieves. After all, the thief can't use it or sell it as a fully functional phone. Plus, the fact that it's locked should tip off potential buyers that the deal isn't on the level. But some time you may have to forget the iCloud password then ? .At that time such type of solution is helpful for you.

Here i am going describe the detailed information about how to remove iCloud on iPad cellular.That is tested on many iPad .It's little difficult in the sense that you have to disassemble the iPad and get the motherboard .

Remove touch
Remove LCD

you have to aware about the fact that do it very carefully otherwise you got a broken touch with broken lcd and extra cost is your own . You have to use  different tools , hot gun etc.you have to know more about from here .Which tools is best for doing that job.

Caution- After bypass process is complete you don't have to able to use cellular network or simply says Sim-Card function is disable because iTunes detected iPad as a apple TV.

Here is the image that clearly shows the which resistor you have to remove.

 Bypass iCloud iPad A1455.

After remove this resistor.

iPad automatically goes on Dfu mode that was detected by iTunes .

iPad detect as a apple TV.

Restore it .

Download firmware

If you have to know detailed information how to restore go here.

Now the job is finished you have got a iCloud free iPad on your hand.

It`s tested on so many iPad works 100% .

If you have a Cellular iPad the icloud bypass process is slightly different so,We are here to help you a lot.

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