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Monday, February 3, 2020

iCloud Bypass 13.3 Via Succession(Downgrade 13.3 to 13.2.3) No SHSH Blobs.

iCloud Bypass 13.3 Via Succession(Downgrade 13.3  to 13.2.3) No SHSH Blobs.

iCloud Bypass 13.3 Via Succession(Downgrade 13.3  to 13.2.3) No SHSH Blobs.You need windows for succession and Mac for the process with Brew or xcoder Setup.This is a tethered downgrade however so to boot the device you will need to manually enter recovery mode and go through the basic Checkra1n procedure again.

This process is working on iPhone running IOS 13.3 or 13.3.1 on the limits iPhone 6S to iPhone X.You have to follow the all the process correctly.If you miss the process that may incomplete to your bypass process.So,see the instruction correctly.

We don`t encourage to do that job this may void the rules and some region that is illegal.This is  for educational purpose only.Do at your own risk.

Download the essential file for the procedure and Download modified checkra1n with script.

Follow all the steps correctly to complete the process.

1 - Upgrade 13.3 via iTunes or any 3rd party tool .If you update via air may give error on process.

2 - Jailbreak via Checkra1n 0.9.7 by putting recovery then DFU.

3 -Bypass 13.3 via Shift key tool on windows that is compatible to windows only.

4 - After bypass you got setting open then setup passcode,connect WI-FI,Set auto-lock to never.

5 - Respring via shift key tool via windows.

6 - Install custom Cydia via Checkra1n app.

7 - Open Cydia and install Filza file manager and Succession.

8 - Add Source on Cydia ( samgisaninja.github.io ) and install.

9 - Respring from shiftkey tool to go to main menu.

10 - Open iPhonebox then go to Rawfile system and put the provided file Filza Mooded info.plst to the Media directory.

11 - Put the samgisaninja.successionrestore_1.3.8_iphoneos that i provide on download on Download folder on raw file system.

12 - Go to Mac and follow the commands on Videos.

13- Open Terminal and put iproxy 2222 44.Open second Terminal windows and put ssh root@localhost -p 2222 then type yes and Password is alpine.Then give the directory replace Filza info plist to allow it launch.
cp /var/mobile/Media/Filza\ Modded\ Info.plist /Applications/Filza.app/Info.plist

14 - Put a command (uicache -a) .

15 - Go to windows and use Shift key tool for respring.

Now the Filza file manager is open able then you have to install samgisaninja.successionrestore_1.3.8 and add some strings from the following directory
Application/Succession restore.app and edit info.Plst file by the address SBIsLaunchableDuringSetup save and back.

16 - Put the second command to make iPhone on line to terminal then uicache -a then killall Filza command to exit from filza to main menu and Respring Via Shifttool key now Succession is open able.

17 - Go to Filza and edit strings by the process.
Var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.samgsani ios Restore Plst and edit by 1 on the shown on videos.If you not get this add this.

18 - Now go to ifunbox or 3utool and open rawfile system and succession folder and paste the iPSW 13.2.3 and Edit with ipsw.ipsw.

19 - Open Succession and check from setting version 1.3.8 and only restore system data on.

Download clean file system

Use Provided ipsw.

Override wait for sometime.

Erase iPhone then begin restore wait for finish.

I saw on so many stuck on waiting for 10 second  don`t do anything follow the process i mention on the post you have success without any error.Phone stuck on apple logo and blink don`t panic.
After complete Jailbreak throw Checkra1n that i provide.

The videos instruction for the steps.

Now by following all that process downgrade iPhone on 13.2.3 on your hand.Enjoy guys.
Thank you for visiting and watching i am Thegsmsolution till the next time peace out.

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