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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Grayed Out Solution.

iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Grayed Out Solution.

iPhone6 wifi and 6 plus show grayed out, such a problem that happened when upgrading the operating system(IOS) that runs the iPhone hardware. Sometimes Wi-Fi issues with an update, while most others have come with water damage or forcibly, dropped, so it's really a bad situation that you never think about that. so, if it's happening by chance, you'll be happy to know that there are a few things you can try to fix the Wi-Fi problem on a simple to advance level. The thegsmsolution provides the tested solution for you.

The most common problem shows while the Wi-fi chips failure is Wi-Fi grayed out and un-tappable Wi-Fi setting. The most common problems on iPhone 4S users, but it can affect the newer models of iPhone, too. In fact, any iPhone or iPad that updates to a newer iOS version can experience any kind of bug that fix with the update.

Note:  updates IOS are important because they added the new security updates and also new features to your device. Don't worry about software updates causing problems; if the phone have any hardware issues then you may got a problem,otherwise not.

If the iPhone has such issues that can`t be fixed with setting and resetting the phones or updating IOS in our experience. You have to do some notice on the phones.

These are as follows while you got Wi-Fi related issues.

  • iPhone badly heating upside near a camera.
  • Battery over temperature message shown over a display.
  • Wi-Fi function disables, Grayed our or untappable Wi-Fi settings.
  • Bluetooth function disables, Grayed our or untappable Bluetooth settings.
  • See most of the cases there is no Wi-Fi Address and Bluetooth too.
  • Wi-Fi address not shown but Bluetooth option shows.

Note- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both in that chips.The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus both have same chip that You can use.
Frequently asked a question.
The given below image helps you to solve WI-FI in those cases while no heating present on iPhone and WI-FI option grayed out a solution.

What in iPhone 6s and later series. Wi-Fi chip can be replaceable or Not.

The iPhone 6s and up is not replaceable without also removing the NAND and using the 6s and up NAND re-programmer to divorce the NAND from the original Wi-Fi chip. You don't have the re-programmer then you can often find the offending cap within the Wi-Fi chip and resolve the short that way, preserving the function of the original WiFi chip.

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