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Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year gift for old RIFF Box users by riff team

Hello dear members and RIFF Box users !

Riff team have decided to give all RIFF Box v1 users opportunity to install new firmware and software and enjoy full functionality of upgraded RIFF Box v1, including eMMC access and latest Box Firmwares and DLL-s.

My old box now alive

Q's&A's :

What do I need to do now ?
Download and install latest JTAG Manager (To a new folder) and simply enter Your login details when asked.
My account is expired, am I eligible for this ?
Yes !
How long I can use this after activation and firmware upgrade ?
As long as You keep RIFF Directory intact (eg, not format drive or download new files)
How long I will have access to licensing Server ?
Two weeks (14 days). After this period You still can use all features, but You will not be able to download license for new files.
I can't remember my login details

Please read this.

How can I buy activation after "gift" period expires ?
Please visit for more information.

Latest RIFF JTAG Manager is v1.63
Latest RIFF Box Firmware is v1.41
Latest Admin Client is v1.7

Happy New Year ! Again thanks RIFF BOX team.

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  1. In general, this isn`t the current version, especially after buying RIFF Box 2, you can see the updates of jtag riff . And I confess honestly I was waiting, I was really waiting for new firmware for RIFF box and a new version of JTAG Manager software, well and I wish you to buy MOORC U-Socket Adapter for a box, because, As practice showed it will come in handy to you more than it seems at first.