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Saturday, December 10, 2016

iPhone common repair mistakes that you have to know

The common cause due to simple mistake.

We are going to describe the common mistake happen that may cause a massive problem in iPhone especially iPhone 5, iPhone5S and iPhone5C that fault is while power on apple logo shows and blue display and sometime red one and another fault cause duo to.

You have to read detailed so you have got a knowledge how and why such type of common fault actually happen on iPhone and runs towards the end of iPhone.

Some important things you have to remember.

Screw model

As a mobile phone repair technician we have to knowledge about how to all the parts as well as screwing process.Some time a simple mistake makes the great problem.So,the length of screw is most important in iPhone especially protection cap over display connector.There is four screw on the cap but two one is important which was fixed on the Pcb for screw holder,if you use long screw the circuit of Pcb board was broken.It is so hard to repair,so you have to use digital microscope.

Hints- Always use right screw to fix board on Pcb.

Changing lcd.

Another common mistake while installing display on pcb always aware about that battery must be remove from pcb,if you don`t do that the light circuit might be damage or may be burn.
Why it happen let`s discuss.
While power on device the high frequency and high voltage above (25-30) volt going on lcd for lcd led glow,as a result high voltage may cause damage.

Home button.

iPhone 5s have a finger sensor that you know but you have also know that if the original sensor came on phone is so important because the board id and sensor id might be match to fully function the finger sensor .Otherwise the finger sensor function is fully function less rather you change another original touch id from another phone or new one.

Charging flex

Another important things while changing charging flex that you brought from which was not use protection compound that may cause massive voltage goes without control then result heating power IC,the phone use U2 IC to control the voltage but regular use of such type of copy flex makes your phone die slowly.The user might be aware about that.

Data cable.

Always use original data cable like as a original flex apple design the over voltage control IC fixed in a data cable,while you use a copy data cable no any protection,direct voltage goes on Pcb may result heating problem and iPhone is going slowly impact near dead.


We saw here man is going to need busy day by day and no time for charging phone in a right manner,the market has also product fast charging system by increase the amp of charger belong this the output voltage is far more high then the phone need.That is so bad for phone user which cause phone to die slowly.
Always use original charger provide with phone especially on apple product.

Charging time.

Charging time also important you have to charge device while battery is about less then 5% then charge fully,time and time charge makes your battery near to damage also know that more and more charge makes your device near to damage and also a charging system failure anymore.

So how to manage your device,in your hand so keep in mind that things your device run fully functioning ever as a new one.We have research on it why such a common fault happen and all the phone user have on a problem and give more time to service center to repair your gadget.I follow this rule surely says that i have iPhone 5 from 3 years without problem running till as a old model i have plan to sell hehehehehehehhe.

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