Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How to find short circuit on iphone 5s water damage repair by simple tricks.

  How to find short circuit on iphone 5s water damage  repair by simple tricks.

This method supports not only iPhone 5s this support all iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,6splus,7,7plus,Iphonex while the phone in short and battery draining fast.

I am grateful to all friends in entire world throw web who love us and support us.iPhone water damage or force breaks makes so many error and problems.Here on the page we are going to reveal the truth that makes you one step forward to iDevice repair in a simple ways.You have to extend battery life by following that steps on phone.

First you have to notice that any error that shows on iPhone like.

Touch not function properly
Battery charging slow
wifi not turn on
bluetooth not working
Gps not working
Aceleroometer not functioning
touch id etc.

Before any problem shows that might be any hardware issues.Before open the phone first then go for finding faults.You have to know the secret on iPhone repair tips.

Here we are going to tech you throw iPhone battery drain issue with solution.

I got a iPhone6 with battery draining faults be aware that most of the cases that might be the fault of

U2 ic-The most common fault by this ic .

1-Battery charging extremely slow.
2-Phone is in dead condition.
3-Battery drain as fast.
4-PC not recognize the phone on iTunes etc.

Lets start to find out the solution.I got the iphone6 with home button works but home button senser not working.So i started to find out.
After search i got a shorting found in that capacitor but after remove that the problem also same and also remove ic the problem also same then i got a proper solution below in picture.

Simply found that parts and check for shorting and remove it njoy you get success.

Mtk phone Flash without battery.

Mtk phone Flash without battery!

All tool has different process to flash.This process include flash tablet to which are based on Mediatek platform.We all notice that without battery flashing is not possible but when you know the simple trick that you can did it properly.

Here on the page we are going to reveal the secret truth that helps you in your working days.This process is as simple as after you know but most of the technician are not aware on that.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Alcatel OneTouch 5019D PIXI 3 bypass google account /frp remove.

Alcatel OneTouch 5019D PIXI 3 bypass google account/frp remove.

Welcome to our web,we are here to tech you how to reset google account in Alcatel OneTouch 5019d without any devices absolutely free.There is different method to remove frp among them this is the best method by which you can manually reset the google account by easy way.

Most of the latest built CPU has not support by any device after your invest  money also.That the solution we are going to present breaks the rule for all Frp method.Now we have to discuss about the process here and knowledge on this issue.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

New iccid code for perfect automatic 4G unlock updated.

The war between apple and hackers going on,The new ICCID code has been found in 2018/01/04 after the block of some days.Now working fine till.

Here is the code by which you can choose carrier manually.
The code is ---*5005*7672*00# 

Here you can use manual imsi code(Carrier based code). which are not in list input the provided code from that post.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Samsung galaxy s5 unlock SC-04F(NTT-DOCOMO ) 6.0.1.

Samsung galaxy s5 unlock NTT-DOCOMO  (SC-04F) 6.0.1 Unlocking instruction with tested file.

Samsung galaxy 5 unlock SC-04F by ntt-docomo Samsung S5 unlocking tested by Thegsmsolution.There is different method to unlocking that model by downgrade firmware,rooting method that is all failed.Here on the page you can download the tested small file by which you can unlock that model easily without any risk free.

Friday, December 29, 2017


MOTO TOOL V6 is the one of the best tool for remove Frp and google account Bypass on Motorola nexus series.This tool allows you to remove FRP with 3 method on Nexus 6.

How to use Moto frp remove tool instruction.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Samsung Multicore Checksum mode problem and solution tested.

Samsung Multicore Checksum mode problem and solution tested.

 Odin download a flashing download software Solved Multicore checksum mode error solution all Samsung 100% tested free.This tiny file breaks the all boundaries on that fault.This problem actually happen while you flashing the wrong Md5 file on so.If you flash the wrong Md5 file then you got the error like that.In that cases flashing the full firmware is also not the solution.Only this file recover from that error.

Samsung Multicore Checksum mode problem and solution tested

How to fix that?

Samsung Multicore Checksum mode problem and solution tested

You have to follow the below instruction.